About Flox - Made in 'Merica

Based and manufactured in Los Angeles, Flox Coasters are a creation by Maria Alcaide, a first generation coaster-er and fourth generation coaster user.  Maria designed Flox to perfectly complement that awesome mid-century modern, rustic, reclaimed, antique heirloom, appalachian teak tabletop you just bought from some bearded guy in a van.

When she's not slinging coasters, Maria is also widely known as the originating founder of the #TabletopRights movement which is a civil grassroots initiative dedicated to the awareness and action against daily tabletop abuse. Join the movement by tagging your coaster usage photos with #TabletopRights and #WaterRingsRuinLives and show the world that you won't stand for water stained wood, not now, or ever. 

And lastly, a closing quote from the Flox Coasters themselves:

"I don't want to protect your tabletop. I want to protect your dreams."

- Flox Coasters